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Mechanical Bull Information 

 Can the Mechanical be outside when raining?

NO, the bull controller can't get wet or drinks spill on it. We also rent out a special tent for the mechanical bull system during the rainy season. Tent prices vary depending on the city location. 

What is the latest time I can have the bull at my party?

The latest we pick up the bull is 1:00 am( we are only a few bull companies that let you have the bull so late at night in case your party requires it.)

What are Electrical Requirements?

Two standard wall outlets from different areas of the wall are needed.

 What is the Space required? 

The space required for the Mechanical Bull System is either 14x14 feet(square Inflatable) or 18x18 feet(Circle Inflatable). The location for installing the bull system must be on level, flat ground, and can be on grass, cement, dirt, or gravel but must be on a level, flat surface. (NO holes or uneven floor)

Operation and Assistance?

We don’t stay to operate the bull. Instructions for operating the mechanical bull will be provided. Operating the bull is easy, and we will teach you to do it safely.  Additionally, there is an option to hire a bull operator for an extra $150 fee for all bull service hours. 

 Delivery and Setup?

Delivery will occur at least one hour before the agreed-upon time frame. The bull rental setup takes about an hour. You might be notified if an earlier delivery is possible, and you will be contacted the day before the rental to confirm the delivery time.

 What are the payment options?

The only accepted payment methods include Venmo, Zelle, Apple Pay, Cash App, and Cash. (NO CREDIT CARDS, NO DEBIT CARDS AND NO CHECKS)


Is there any deposit requirement?

Yes, we require a $100 dollars deposit to reserve the mechanical bull for your desire date. The deposit counts toward the balance of the bull service.



What about liability insurance for the mechanical bull?

We DO NOT carry liability insurance. We have a waiver the needs to be sign. 

(most school events and public events require liability insurance, if your event needs liability insurance you will need to get yourself. We will not provide it.)  

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